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Frequent Questions

Fax to Email

On registration you have the option to generate an instant fax2email number. This number will be active immediately.
Yes, our service and support is free. There are no setup fees, monthly subscriptions or any other hidden costs.
Free Fax2Email is a free service to you, the subscriber. This is due to the fact that we earn revenue through a call share agreement. This revenue enables us to ensure we provide a good service to you.
Email2Fax is a prepaid service.


  • Johannesburg R0.25 per minute
  • National R0.30 per minute
  • Fax2mail (0866) R0.40 per minute
  • SA Mobile Networks R1.20 per minute
  • International R2.40 per minute
  • Per second billing. Ex VAT. T&Cs Apply.

Bulk SMS

To use the MSG OUT platform, you need an account.

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 Sending SMS’s is charged for in the following manner:

Bundle Per SMS Cost Per Bundle Cost
250 SMS’s R 0.24 R 60.00
500 SMS’s R 0.23 R 115.00
5000 SMS’s R 0.22 R 1,100.00
10000 SMS’s R 0.21 R 2,100.00
50000 SMS’s R 0.20 R 10,000.00

MSG OUT currently accepts Credit Card payments as well as EFT payments.

Credit Card payments will reflect in your account immediately after a successful payment, while EFT payments will be allocated to you once the payment reflects in our bank account.

Alternatively, please send proof of payment to

Our call centre support staff are available from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, South African Standard Time.