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Bulk SMS Features

95% of your contact list will open an sms
Connect with your subscribers and get your MsgOut today. With a large portion of the South African market using their cellphones to connect to the internet, bulk sms is key to your business and marketing needs.

Track the SMS’s you send

Our tracking feature allows you to view the delivery status of each SMS.

Manage Contacts

Easily upload your contacts with our advanced importer. Setup groups to manage your contacts and send in seconds.

Personalised Messages

Our SMS composer allows you to add personalised touches to your messages. Your clients can receive SMS’s that contain their name and surname, as well as a few other easily added variables. Track the length of your message as well as how many SMS’s per message will be needed with our unique SMS composer.

Scheduled SMS’s

Allows you to schedule delivery for a specific date and time. Use our scheduler to send SMS reminders, follow up on debtors or send promotional campaigns.

Receive Replies

Replies are conveniently stored and you can respond to them directly on the system – giving you complete control of your communications network. Send individual messages to your contacts or add them to a group and message the entire group at once.


Add your organization, invite your staff to join and manage their SMS quotas. All organization members can send instant (on site) messages to all other members, and you can assign SMS’s to them, meaning that you are in total financial control even though you are not managing the messaging platform yourself.ndly.